New Christmas Traditions

Every year we seem to add something else. Probably because we find ourselves in a different place nearly every Christmas! LOL

When we first met, it was in Maine. We spent two Christmases there. One with kids and one with Sibylla. The next Christmas was spent in Charleston, SC…with a move (to MD) in between. Then we spent two Christmases in Upstate NY. So this year we are back into warm weather and Palm trees for Christmas in San Diego, CA. After a couple of snowy Christmases, this does not seem like Christmas, except that every has lights in their palm trees, Bird of Paradise and Aloe plants! Oh, and Poinsettias grow outside! What?? Oh, it’s true! It’s amazing!

I’m going to miss the snow….for Christmas….but that is it. I don’t miss the freezing temperatures, the icy cold wind that freezes your nostrils together or scraping all the snow and ice off my car (or my doors freezing shut). No, I think I’ll enjoy Christmas in my flip flops, sitting on my patio….without a wool sweater!!

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