FunBites Giveaway

If you have not yet heard about FunBites, you are about to! FunBites are sandwich, pancake and any other soft food cutter…but it goes beyond that! They cut food into fun shapes for kids! Bite-sized shapes! I personally have a set and my kids love them! We cut up sandwiches for food, pancakes, and toast. Then the kids have bite sized pieces to eat. It makes eating more fun! Would you like a set? Well, you can always buy a set from my store ($22, well worth it!) or you could WIN a set!! That’s right, FunBites and Chronicles are collaborating in a Giveaway for a set of FunBites!! So don’t forget to sign up…it’s easy peasy!!

Squares_product_800x800_main_medium Heart_product_800x800_main_medium family_product_page_bottom_largeBento lunch


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!! A Winner will be announced January 16!

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