Eye Doctor….with 4

Valentine’s Day, of all days, Sibylla had an appointment for the eye doctor. I just got back from Maine the night before and during my stay in Maine forgot to call to make a reservation for “drop-in” childcare at Navy Medical. When I called that morning I was told they were full (before I even told them the time I needed….all I got out of my mouth was I had 3 boys and she nearly hung up on me!). So instead of changing the appointment, I decided I would brave the appointment with all 4 kids in tow. How hard could it be?

Fast forward to the appointment. I had my double stroller with Liev and Kiran in it, and Sibylla and Vasili trailing close behind. Everything was going well! I thought this would be easy-peasy! HA! We were called in for the eye exam. The stroller did not fit in the room so I carried Kiran and attempted to herd the other 3 into the room….Vasili decided he did not like the room, so while blocking the door so Liev would not escape, I dragged Vasili into the room (while balancing Kiran in one arm). Once in the room, everyone was fine. Phew. Not so bad….

After the eye exam we were told to return to the waiting area to be called by the doctor. The older two played with toys, and Kiran fussed, so I picked him up. Then Liev decided he did not want to be in the stroller and started screaming and trying to get loose from his straps. I unfastened him. He then decided he was going to jump on every chair in the waiting room, and dive off the table. Oh, no. I attempted to quietly tell him “no”, and that is when it escalated. He started screaming “no”. Then Vasili got mad and started screaming back! Yes, there were others in the waiting room. So I packed them all up and marched them outside and proceeded to explain appropriate and inappropriate behavior. They knew they were in trouble, so we quietly returned to the waiting room. A few minutes later the doctor called us in. Again everyone crowded in to the small room. The doc decided to dialate Sibylla’s eyes. He wanted me to hold her while he added drops…..here comes the fun part. The stroller was in the hall, so I strapped Kiran into his seat, and he stared screaming…..while Liev made his escape….he ran into the waiting room and almost got to the automatic door before I got him by the shirt! I carried a screaming 2 year old back to the stroller where his screaming 5 month old brother was, and strapped him in….now 2 screaming in the stroller in the hall. I put Sibylla on my lap and held her arms while eyes drops were administered, (I did notice the doc putting ear plugs in, so I knew I was doomed), I was right….she screamed like a banshee, just like the younger 2 in the hallway! And where was Vasili during all this mess? He decided to cover his head in am attempt to hide in a chair in the corner!

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