Adding More to my Plate…

As everyone knows, I have four kids. The oldest is 5 and the youngest is 5 months. My oldest is in school full time and the three boys are home with me all day. We already have a pretty full schedule between their karate twice a week, my karate twice a week, my son has speech twice a week, I attend Stroller Strides three times a week, and run one day a week. Phew. And on top of it all I run a business and this blog! So why would I take on more? Some is not out of choice. My son now has more speech to figure out if his speech problem is learned or physiological, so off to speech we go two more days a week! And I’ve decided to take on another blogging gig or two! Sounds crazy, but as long as I write things down on my calendar, it’s doable! And Sunday we rest. Preferably never leaving the comfort of our home! Although, that is about to change with the weather…Sunday is usually beach day! Looks like I’ll be pulling some late nights! LOL

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