Looking at Future Goals….

Maybe I’m thinking too highly of my abilities, since I have not yet even ran and finished my first 5K (well, not entirely true. I did two 5k inSC while pregnant with Vasili, but walked them and I did a 10k with hubby before we were married) but I’m talking running a 5k non-stop. As most of you know, I have four children. I also have a very bad back. Somehow I have come out of my fourth pregnancy feeling better than ever as far as my back is concerned! So I have started running (along with Stroller Strides and Karate). My hubby recently finished his first Triathlon, and did very well. It got me to thinking. Why not? Could I do it? I think I can! I have no desire to run a Marathon or even a 1/2. I still can only run short distances because of my back, but a Tri uses so many different muscles. Swimming, biking and a run. Hmmm…

Well, hubby thinks I should join him for the next Tri on our 6 year anniversary. It’s in just 47 days….and honestly I’m a little scared to get on a bike! He’s all ready to take me to the local bike shop and buy me all the necessary gear! What a guy….Guess we’ll see. My first goal is to finish my ball gown….but that is another story.

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