Tri Why??

This May….Cinco de Mayo, to be exact, my hubby and I will be celebrating six years of marital bliss. Usually this would call for dinner out sans the four little P’s, but we are doing something a little bit different this year. We are competing in a Triathlon together! Crazy, huh?

My husband already has a Tri under his belt…the Super Seal. He thought a great way to celebrate our anniversary would be this upcoming Triathlon at Mission Bay. He will be doing the Sprint, and I am starting off with the Mini….just to get my feet wet!

So the journey has begun. I went out and bought a bike…actually I got an entire Triathlon package at the local bike store (Thank you Moment Cycle), which included everything down to the wetsuit and “bum butter”!

I bought my hubby a trainer for his bike while we were living in NY, so now I am using it out on the patio during the day! I’ve yet to take her out onto the street! But I think I will this weekend! And I’ve yet to get into the pool, since the YMCA near me does not have babysitting! Two things I need to work on the next four weeks….swimming and biking on the road!

So why a Tri? Well, I’ve already accomplished so much…why not? There are doubters out there…those who say I can NOT accomplish this….the nay sayers…well poo on you! (If you are one) I WILL finish! Just not at the head of the pack! 


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