Overcoming Fears….

My first Triathlon is tomorrow. It’s a mini Sprint, which means its a great place to start….but will still be a lot of hard work!

I was going into this event thinking I’d just ride my bike with my sneakers and not my bike shoes. I have been trying to “clip and unclip” all week and it was scaring me being stuck to my bike that way! So today I attended a free Ladies only handling clinic over at the local bike shop (Moment Cycle Sports). I learned a great deal about handling, stopping, clipping in and drafting. I went through the clinic in sneakers. Once home I was like an addict….wanting more bike time. So we called the sitter and left the kids with him for an hour while my hubby helped me get clipped in/out and we practiced stopping as we rode around Liberty Station. That is all I needed! I was up…we rode all over Liberty Station, even up the walking bridge! Guess who fell off their bike? NOT me! I also learned today that if you fear swimming in the open water you can find a “Swim Buddy” at the Tri. A “Swim Buddy” is someone who will swim beside you the entire time! Yay!

I’m feeling much more confident going into this after overcoming a few fears!

Now for dinner….carbs!


3 thoughts on “Overcoming Fears….

  1. Good luck tomorrow! I’m walking the Pittsburgh Half Marathon tomorrow with Susan’s sister, Stephanie, and I’m anxious about that! You go girl!


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