I Tri-ed and I finished

Triathlons are kind of like childbirth, once the “pain” is gone you are ready to do it again!

That is how I feel right now. I’m not going to lie, I’m exhausted. I’m hungry. But I feel like I accomplished something.

Our day started with the alarm going off at 430am. Yuck. Of course my hubby shook my shoulder to be sure I was awake. Of course I was awake, I was up every hour checking the time! Our sitter arrived at 530am and we were literally out the door! 

When we arrived at the event, we found the parking lot already full. So we parked across the street and hiked in. Into Transition we went. I really had no clue how to set up my area, so I followed everyone’s lead. We were all first timers. The lady beside me was battling cancer and going through chemo. The ladies across from me were doing this for their pal who passed away from cancer, and Jo, a lady I met while waiting to swim, was doing this solo, since her friend who was supposed to join her lost her battle with cancer. Did I mention Jo has MS? She rocked this race! Her mom took some great group photos that I hope to share soon!

At the swim I grabbed a “swim buddy”. They are volunteers who accompany you during the swim. I actually met my buddy at the Ladies Handling Clinic at Moment Cycle Sports. She recognized me and stayed with me the entire time….making me aware of other swimmers and encouraging me. It helped. Once out of the water I(attempted) to run back to transition to get ready for my ride…I say “attempt” because the parking lot was a little rough on the feet! I struggled a bit with my wetsuit and getting my socks on my wet, rocky feet, but managed and got up on my bike the first attempt. (Better than the kid ahead of my who wiped out and nearly took me with him!) The ride was around Fiesta Island and involved a pretty sharp turn from Sea World Drive to the island, I managed and headed out. On the back side of the island we all hit the wind. It was like a wall. Talk about slowing down fast! I worked through it and back out to Sea World drive…where I missed the turn and took out two cones while trying to regain my balance and composure. As I approached the finish of the bike portion, I unclipped, got my foot down and executed the best stop ever on a bike….but fell over! People rushed to picked me up, asked if I was ok, but before you knew it, I was on my feet and heading to trade my bike and cleats for sneakers. My hubby came out of his area and cheered me on…and into my sneakers and I was off again…just 1.5 miles….easy. I ran, and every time I thought of stopping I could hear my hubby in the back of my head telling me to keep going (nagging is more like it) so I trudged on. I stopped to walk near the water tent so I could drink my water, then continued. The only other time I stopped to walk was when I caught up to Jo…to chat for a few minutes and cheer her on…then I was off…to finish! 1 hour and 8 minutes from start to finish.

Yeah, I have some things to work on, but I’m going to do it again!!

3 thoughts on “I Tri-ed and I finished

  1. Congrats Rockstar! Way to go, that’s quite an accomplishment! And by the way, happy anniversary to an incredible couple!


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