Finally Friday…..

Let’s hope this Friday ends better than last Friday!! Last Friday I decided to go to Mamafast with a few of the ladies from Stroller Strides. It was such a great time! I got to meet Lisa Druxman, the woman who started Stroller Strides…I’m a BIG fan. (In case you do not know, Stroller Strides is a workout program where you bring your kids with you in the stroller! Yeah…perfect!) I started Stroller Strides shortly after my second child was born in Charleston, South Carolina. When we moved, I sought out another franchise, in Saratoga Springs, and now here, where it all began.

But back to last Friday. I got home late. Midnight to be exact. I drove into the garage, shut the door, and walked into the house. The next morning, hubby headed out to the garage to get laundry (I’m also know for leaving loads of laundry overnight in the washer…just in case you wonder why we smell funny.) “Ericka!” He shouts. “What have you done?? The garage door is open!” “Oh, no!” I shouted back….”I’m sure I closed it”. He walked over to our empty bike stands…”the bikes are gone!” I started to cry…did I really leave the door open? I started doubting myself….

Luckily we have renter’s insurance! We called the fine San Diego Police Department (via 911)..who, by the way, kept hubby on hold for 15 minutes before asking if it was an emergency or not…glad it wasn’t! We were told to file a report online. No patrol car would be sent out. Great. Then we called USAA. No problem there…fill it out online.  Oh, and hubby had an Olympic Triathlon Sunday in Orange County, but no bike! Luckily, the local bike shop rents bikes! Yay! He got to go to his event.

Of course, my already usually hectic week gets even more hectic when I have to bring hubby to and from work! You know, Sibylla to school for 745, hubby to work for 8, Vasili to speech in Hillcrest at 930 (or Stroller Strides at 930) Home for a quick lunch, then off to get Sibylla from school at 2 and back home then off to get hubby at work at 330 and the two older kids to karate for 4. Phew. Glad my driving radius is 5 miles, but you have to remember San Diego traffic!! So throw in a chiropractor appointment or anything else and we never get out of the car! 

Wednesday night I decided to try out Body Back. A new program from Stroller Strides that is kid free! Yay! And wow! It was a workout…or maybe I’m not in very good shape…but either way, it was fun and an entire hour without any kids to workout! I loved it because normally I attend Stroller Strides wearing Kiran and pushing Liev and Vasili in the double stroller! ( I only do it 3 days a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays I run pushing all 3).

Wednesday we also got a phone call from USAA asking which bank account we’d like the check deposited to! Yay! 

Thursday is Sibylla’s minimal day, so right from speech we grabbed her and later we grabbed hubby but instead of going to karate we headed to the bike shop. Moment Cycle Sports has become our favorite. The location is perfect and the service is top notch. We told them what happened and luckily they had my same bike! Hubby’s dilemma was should he get a Tri Bike or road bike? He has been thinking about it all week.

So here we are. Friday. Long weekend. And he has decided to get another road bike. He’s currently at his bike fit right now. The bike shop has a very cool computerized bike fit. It takes about 2 hours, but worth every minute (and penny).

Happy Memorial Day! 🙂

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