25 Facts About Yours Truly

So I know that most of you follow me on FB and probably know everything about me, but there are some readers out there who probably think I’m nothing but a wine guzzling, mom of four. (It’s true!) I have seen this list before, but never actually sat down and listed 25 random facts about myself….not quite sure where to start!

1. I grew up on a beef farm in Central Maine. At one point I knew every cow and which calf belonged to her. I even had my own herd of Belted Galloways for a while.

2. I love to go turkey hunting.

3. I’m a do-it-yourselfer….I painted and helped install hardwood floors in our house in South Berwick, Maine 6 years ago!

4. I’ve lived in five states, and six cities….in the six years I’ve been married to my husband! Quite a change from the girl who never moved a day in her life while growing up!

5. The longest place we’ve lived together was Ballston Spa, NY for 2 years.

6. I got my MBA a week after my wedding

7. I have four children ages 5, 4, 2 and 8 months….all in six years!

8. I’m a neat freak.

9. I hate laundry. I’d rather throw all my clothes away and start over.

10. I enlisted in the Navy when I was in my 20’s, but never followed through.

11. I like to bake. I don’t ever follow recipes….I start with one but adapt it to what I actually have on hand.

12. I sew….but don’t follow the patterns…I figure they are mostly a guide.

13. None of my children look like me.

14. I walked two 5k’s while pregnant with my second child, in South Carolina.

15. I recently ran a 5k here in San Diego, and finished a Triathlon.

16. I love to ski. I used to belong to National Ski Patrol. I also skied competitively in high school.

17. I want try paddle boarding.

18. I love to kayak….but have given it up until the children are older.

19. I just recently got on a bicycle…. road bike. I had to learn to ride it….not pretty! I rode it in a Triathlon. Then it was stolen out of my garage.

20. I’m obsessed with buying children’s clothing, gear and strollers. At one point we had five strollers. Now we have one.

21. As a kid I wanted to be a Veterinarian.

22. My all-time favorite movie is Top Gun! I totally geeked out when we came to San Diego!

23. I always said I would never have children….now I have four.

24. I also always said I’d never drive a mini van…..I could not live without mine!

25. I’m a plot killer. My husband hates watching any movie with a twist in it (mysteries, thrillers) I can always see through the plot! (I knew who Kaiser Soze was right away in Usual Suspects…and knew Bruce Willis was dead in The Sixth Sense)

Well, there’s a few fun facts about me…..how about you? It’s always fun to learn about my readers and fans!


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