Time to Get Back to it!

Training, that is! I’ve been slacking a little. Last week I took two days off to do nothing (other than chase my kids). June 1 is my goal to start training hard. That means pool time, running in the early morning, getting on my trainer and bike rides with the Luna Chix! I should have my bike by weekend, so it’s time to get on it and go!! I want to be prepared for this Tri! It’s September 7, so I have lots of time to train as long as I don’t procrastinate. Im stepping it up a notch and running in the wee hours of the morning while hubby watches the kids. Pushing my 3 boys in the stroller and trying to run is just hurting me. Not to mention I constantly have flat tires! 🙂 So, since school will be out soon and I won’t be able to get to Stroller Strides with all 4 kids, I’m going to do something else….like Body Back! I’ve been to two sessions of Body Back and it kicked my butt! I love it! And I think it is already making a difference! 

So here’s to training! And eating better…except for the occasional donuts from Christy’s…..

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