Supermom? What does it take to be one?

So the word “Supermom” is tossed at me numerous times a day…by all sorts of people. Whether it’s the moms in my Stroller Strides class, because I show up wearing one and pushing two. In the grocery store where I’m again, wearing one, pushing one and two are trailing behind me….or simply at the playground when I call out “time to go” and three kids come running to the double stroller where the last one sits waiting. So WHY am I a Supermom? Just because I have four children? I do the same things as other moms….go to the park, zoo, grocery store and workout. I just have four kids to pack and unpack into carseats instead of one…but that does not take super powers. A clean house? Eh….my house is never “clean”, but instead, “lived in”. I have to have some disarray, or I’d go insane! Laundry? Heck, everyone has piles of laundry whether you have one or four kids…or just a husband! I personally think moms with one child are Supermoms! My kids run off and play together and I get a break. Moms with one, well, your kid only has you unless you take him/her to a play date! We don’t have to go far for a play date….we have one here everyday! I think moms with one child have it much harder than someone like myself with four…or two, or three. 

So, no. I’m not Supermom. I have no cape. No special powers. I’m a mom. I like wine, beer and chocolate. I cook and clean. Garden and sew. Sometimes do laundry. Play with my kids.


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