School’s Out! (Almost)

My daughter’s first school year is coming to an end. It seems to have gone by fast. Its been really good for her and she has come away reading, writing, confident and with a bunch of little friends! Next year is Kindergarten and she is ready. I really wish they offered this program for all 4 year olds, because it has been such a great experience. I hope my other children will be able to experience this.

Unfortunately with summer comes less time to train! I know, who cares? I’m obsessed, I guess. I really like to run, bike, swim and sweat. I like how I feel after and I like how I feel in general. So I want to continue. Instead of dreading crawling out of bed because my back hurts, I can now get up with ease, and keep up with the kids…so I need to keep it up! But how? 

I have a plan. I decided to start a Triathlon Training/running Group on Meetup. I’m not a coach, but it’s meant to find other parents in our shoes; you know wanting a running/biking/swimming partner that understands what it’s like to parent small children and take them with you everywhere. Parents that are short on time (aren’t we all?) but want an early morning run…or parents who want to take their kids to training sessions…I just thought I could help other parents out. If it works, it works. If not at least I tried! And that is what I’m all about….trying!

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