WHERE have you been?

I’m here. A little frazzled but here. Let’s see, my oldest is in Kindergarten. My oldest son has a speech delay that has me running all over town for services, 5 days a week (four different locations), plus two days a week of preschool, and now he’s being evaluated for OT, so add that to the mix. The third kid has a speech delay and starts speech therapy in October and kid #4 is attempting to walk. In the meantime, I am training for a Triathlon in October, Half Marathon in November and another Half Marathon in January! (I’m going for the Triple Crown this year.) I’m also in a Pre-Master’s swim class to brush up on my swimming and hopefully join the Master’s Swim Team! (I have a long ways to go.) On top of it all, the two oldest still attend Karate twice a week, I attempt Stroller Strides at least once a week and Sibylla wants to start dance! Not to mention we have decided to buy a house once our lease is up (and this one is WAY too small) so we’ve been looking at houses on the weekends! Phew! And I only have one in school and I’m this busy! Can you imagine life with four teenagers?? I’ll have to run marathons and triathlons just to keep up with them! My poor car is racking up the miles with the treks across town for speech. On the bright side I get to see different parts of the city! haha

So that’s my boring life, in a nutshell! 🙂 Maybe it’ll get more exciting!


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