Finally…a pain free me

I have always had back pain. Probably what you would call “chronic”. It started when I was 17 years old…I’m now 38. I was in a roll over car accident after school one day. Luckily my brother and I walked away, but I battled lower back pain until last year!


Before I married my hubby I knew he was a runner. He had several marathons, half marathons, 5k’s and 10k’s under his belt. He encouraged me to run the Cooper River Bridge Run in 2006. I walked most of it because my back gave out before my body.


When I was pregnant with my first child I had the worst back pain. I saw a chiropractor 3 times a week for relief. My hubby was not a big believer in chiropractic until I found out the baby was breech…at 36 weeks. The midwives talked to me about a c-section and I relayed this information to my chiropractor, who used Webster’s to move her. But my back pain did not end there.


While pregnant with baby #2, I had the same lower back pain. We moved half way through my pregnancy to South Carolina and I sought out another chiropractor.  He was able to adjust me temporarily. There I started to work out with Stroller Strides, and walked several 5K’s, but was never able to run.


Baby #3 was born in NY. Same deal, back pain that prevented me from running. I worked out throughout the pregnancy anyway. I left NY for San Diego in May of 2012, 25 weeks pregnant with baby #4. Oh, boy, did my back hurt! After a week in the car and a week of unpacking, I could no longer bend over to dress myself and could barely get out of bed without help. Home alone all day, pregnant with 3 kids that I could barely care for, because of the pain I was in, was scary. I found out about San Diego Spine and Rehab through the Navy community. I made an appointment and went. I was pleasantly surprised! They have free onsite childcare, chiropractic, massages, physical therapy, traction….everything! I got started right away. I went 2-3 times a week, but it was worth every minute. At 38 weeks pregnant I was discharged. The baby was born a week later and I had no back labor! Recovering I felt great too! After my 6 week check up, I joined Stroller Strides again, and a few weeks later decided I wanted to start running.


Here I am! Doing what I thought was impossible! This year I have finished 2 5K’s and a Super Sprint Triathlon. I am currently training for a sprint in a few weeks and a half marathon in January. I had given up running because of my back. SDSR really got me back to my “normal” self…a place I had not been in 21 years! I feel great now. I feel pain free.

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