Triathlon Countdown: Making those final few hours count

Yeah, I have no advice on preparing for a Triathlon. Today is Friday and I am writing this as I sit here in my PJ’s, with a two year old, still in his Pj’s next to me; a one year old sleeping; a four year old (in his PJ’s) watching TV and a sick five year old on the couch. Not really where I wanted to be two days before my first Sprint Triathlon! But I’m here, hoping and praying I don’t get the terrible “ick” she has. And of course it’s one of those days when I ran out of CLorox Wipes, Bleach and hand sanitizer! We will have to survive!

I thought that since I can’t get in much of a workout, I’d practice my Transition set up! The Super Sprint I did in May I fumbled a bit in Transition. The biggest three problems were; 1) The damn wetsuit!! I should have started taking it down when I got out of the water!! 2) My cycling gloves! I fought to get them off instead of running and taking them off as I ran! 3) My sneakers! They were super hard to get into! This time around I’ve decided to go with Yankz ties! I am hoping these three things will help take my Transition time from 5 minutes to at least 3! LOL I’m more concerned with finishing, obviously…I figure I will learn along the way!

So be sure to check out facebook Sunday for where I am! My times will be posted! Hopefully my entire cheering squad will be there as well! 🙂

One thought on “Triathlon Countdown: Making those final few hours count

  1. Which shoe laces did you use last time? Were they ordinary ones? I tried something similar to yankz, but found that I prefer xtenex as they made my shoes feel more secure when I was running (the other ones were a bit loose).

    My running coach is a GB Age Group triathlete – he won Gold in the ETU Triathlon Championships in 2007 and has been an Age Grouper since then. His tip for getting a wetsuit off quickly, is to unzip it while you’re still in teh water and then to ‘flood it’ it from the neck, which will help it to come off more easily. He also recommends putting lots of body glide on yourwrists and ankles, to prevent it form getting stuck there!

    Good luck and enjoy your event 🙂


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