And on to the next one….

So you know that Triathlon I’ve been stressing over and was all worried about? Yeah. It’s over. I survived, and it really wasn’t that hard after all! OK, so the swim was hard and I swallowed half of Mission Bay, but the bike ride and run were fairly easy this time…crazy, I know! I was concerned I would not be off the bike route before they shut it down! LOL

The swim portion was in a dense fog. So dense you could not see the buoy! This made me nervous. So as I entered the water, I grabbed a swim buddy! I’m glad I did! He kept me on course, on the outside and away from the others. Unfortunately, all I did was fight my wetsuit, so I ended up swallowing water in the choppy water. I also was run into my another swimmer….not once but twice and the second time she grabbed and pulled me under. It was unintentional. There was a lot of seaweed and debris in places, so it’s natural to try to move it out of your way while swimming. I was also lapped by the wave behind me…my swim took 15 minutes and change (500 meters).

The bike portion was a little tricky in the beginning. The bikes were wet from the fog and mist, add my wet try suit and wet roads and you’ve got an interesting ride! But I had no problem! Even the four very sharp turns I was worried about were no problem! My time riding was 48 minutes and change (20 K).

Now we are at the run. When I first started out running my calves decided they would cramp up on my so I stopped and stretched for a few minutes…while walking briskly…the run was a two lap course. I figured I’d end up walking again, or slowing down, but I guess there was just no stopping my determination! I kept on trucking! On the final leg of my second lap there sat my kids and hubby…cheering me on! Little did they know I was heading to the finish line!! My time was 32 minutes and change (5K).

Needless to say, even though I messed the swim up, I guess I made up for it with the bike and run! I even hit a Personal Record for my 5K! I’m happy with the results of my FIRST Sprint! My total time was 1:40, which was under the two hour goal I made for myself! And now to continue training for my next event….the Carlsbad Half Marathon in January!

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