Yesterday I attempted and finished my first half marathon! It was a long 13.1 miles, but I pushed through the pain, crossed the finish line and got my bling! What a day! Tri City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon and Half Marathon was so much fun!

The day started at 4am. Yeah, still dark. My hubby woke and dressed our four kids while I got prepared. I wanted to be sure I had everything…water, nutrition, socks, hat…everything. We headed to Carlsbad around 530. The race started at 745, and I wanted plenty of time. When we arrived it was a chilly 50 degrees. We decided to walk through the mall to stay warm….so did everyone else! There were runners everywhere warming up and stretching…thank you Westfield Mall, for having us! We met the other Mother Runners, Moms Run This Town inside the main tent where we took a few group photos, then it was off to wait in line at the port a potties and move on to the starting line. I was in Wave 6, so I was pretty far back, but that did not matter. I smiled and spoke to a few others runners/walkers. We listened to the Star Spangled Banner, and then the entertainment as we approached the start line. Just after the start there was cheering and a live band…at the first bend there was another live band (and bathrooms with a line already! LOL) Then it was up, up the first hill into the Carlsbad Village where the first water stations and more live entertainment awaited us! The streets were lined with people shouting and cheering us. I was in the very back of the pack, with the 3 hour pacers. The water stations were so much fun….one was the Zombie Apocalypse and everyone was dressed as Zombies, another was full of Super Heroes…and my running group’s water stations….they were all dressed as Heart Heroes, sporting red capes and hearts on their chests for Mended Little Hearts! We ran along the beach and I noticed many people took their earbuds out of their ears to listen to the crash of the waves. We forgot the long hill ahead of us and just took in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the sugar white beach of Carlsbad….at the top of the hill was a sign, “Smile if you are not wearing underwear”….yep, that made me smile! More cheering, pace cars for the first of the Marathon runners and <finally> the turn around point! Back along the beach, the entertainment more and more cheering, encouragement and lots of High Five’s! I’m glad this was my first half marathon because it was a beautiful one. The scenery was beautiful, the course was beautiful and the organization of the run and finish could not be any better! Thanks In Motion Events for putting on such an amazing race! It was so well organized and fun!

I’m proud to be a finisher (at 3:01:57).


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