Why I’m DONE

I realized something today while I was making myself a running outfit for an upcoming race….I really enjoy making things for myself. I really enjoy making things for my kids…and while I like to make people happy, I no longer enjoy making things for other people! That being said, I decided it is time to close up my little shop Busy Bee Boutique. I’m not really sad. I think I’m more relieved.

I started my shop in 2008, when a friend of the family suggested I sell the little things I was making for my daughter on Etsy. One thing lead to another and BAM! I had an online store. I did craft events and vendor events here and there, and was really enjoying sewing. Then I decided to add detergent, soaps and for a while cloth diapers. Even though I made a profit this year, I’ve been toying with the idea of just being done. My shop is largely handmade and custom products. Very time consuming. And I’ve discovered another passion….running and Triathlons. Along with my four children, training is time consuming! My children eat up most of my time. One is in school full time, one in Preschool and speech three days a week and then there are the two youngest…well, let’s just say those two keep me on my toes! I’ve also decided to train to be a Stroller Strides Instructor, which is something I’ve wanted to do for the past five years. I’ve also taken on the role as co-leader for our local running club for moms; keep up this blog, and guest blog on The Boob Group and Military Town Advisor. Phew.

The plan is to keep my domain name, and continue with Molly’s Suds and Dryer Balls. I will not have a website. I will sell Dryer Balls on Etsy, and through co-ops. Honestly, that is enough. 

So take advantage of my clearance! I’ll mark things down til they are gone! I am aiming for March 1 to be completely closed.

Thank you for being a customer! 🙂

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