Where have you been?

Well, seems like after I decided to “retire” my shop, I have not stopped! I’m busier than ever! But i’ve heard that about retiring….I know. I’m a Stay-at-home mom….what could possible keep me so busy? Well….the usual cleaning, cooking and looking after children…and running! Granted I have not had any races lately, but I’m running a 15K Sunday. Then I’m running the SoCal Ragnar the first weekend in April, then the ACT for Military 5K, and the second race in the race for the Triple Crown is at the end of April, and after that the Spring Sprint Triathlon! Phew! It is going to be a busy month! Add a bridal shower in Florida and I’ve got one hectic schedule! <breathe> But y’all know me! I LIVE to be busy! As if four kids don’t keep me busy enough, I’ve taken on the role as co-leader of a run club, run a couple times a week with another running group and put my daughter in Girl Scouts! HELLO crazy person. Yep. SO if you ever wonder what I am up to, rest assured, I am never bored! Clearly, I don’t have time to be! Which reminds me….I still need to post about the fabulous Lego Party we had a few weeks ago…..until next time, here is a teaser about the party:



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