La Jolla Half Marathon…I finished with a PR

Oh, yes, you heard it right! I finished La Jolla, that killer, hilly course, with a PR! NOT just any PR, though, I shaved 11 minutes off my time at Carlsbad! Not sure how I pulled that one off, but I certainly did!

Let me start by saying I went into this race injured, again. Darn IT Band was flaring up! I had been rolling and stretching and rolling and icing all week in preparation. The morning of I taped my knees. I decided on one extra piece of my left…you know, just in case…I wish I had not. I wore my magic CW-S compression tights, which I swear by! (even though it’s like putting on a wet suit and takes 15 extra minutes!) They are worth the money! I was ready to go! I was meeting the Run Away Run Club at a parking lot nearby to car pool….at 5 am. Early. But you know me, I’m up at that time every day! haha

It was COLD. I know, you are thinking cold is -5 F or something, but remember, I’m in San Diego, so 50 is cold. It was about 50. We had the heat cranked as we headed north to La Jolla…actually the start line was in Del Mar! It was cold there too. We had about an hour to spare when we arrived, so we took advantage by finding our other peeps, hitting the potty numerous times, checking our gear and stretching! Before we knew it it was time! Yikes!



Now this was a hard course. If you’ve ever been to Torrey Pines you’ve seen “the Hill”. A rather steep, winding hill into the park. Yep…we were running up that. But what is even worse is that the hill was at mile 6. And there were other hills before it! Oh, yes, it was tough.


We started rather fast, so we held ourselves back a little…I ran with my friend Smitha (check her blog). When we got to the hill we decided to walk. I’m a fast walker and did not waste any time getting up the silly hill…needless to say I left her behind for a few minutes….but we got reunited at the top. What goes up must come down, right? Oh, yes. But unfortunately, my ITB does not like downhill, and it hurt bad enough that it was causing sciatic pain! Talk about a pain in the butt!!


Somewhere in the middle of mile 11 I HAD to quit running. I just could not run. I power walked. The finish line was ALL downhill. Very painful. I was like a Zombie at that point, dragging my right leg behind me and sort of skipping to get there….to the FINISH!

I did it! And I PRed!! 11 minutes faster than Carlsbad!! What?? Yeah, so this is race #2 for the Triple Crown….I’m Triple Crown bound!

I ate HILLS for breakfast!

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