My Kitchen Makeover

When we bought our house in November of 2013, the ONE thing I really disliked was the kitchen. It had light cabinets, which were peeling, and white tike countertops. It also had this really nasty faucet. My hubby took the liberty of replacing the faucet early on. A beautiful brushed nickel one now stands in its place. but the cabinets still annoyed me. We went to Home Depot countless times trying to decide what to do. I wanted darker cabinets. Everyone told me “no”. SO I came up with my own idea. I’d paint the cabinets a color! So off to Home Depot we went and home we came with a fistful of color samples. We had color samples hanging from every cabinet, and even decided the kitchen itself needed to be a different color than sterile white. The entire house is white. Boring. I NEED color.


before paintbefore paint 2



We finally decided to paint the kitchen Surfboard Yellow. I chose it for the name, like I choose my wine. Only, the paint person at Home depot made a mistake and what we got home was Yellow Dress. A bit brighter and bolder, but it worked! We also decided on Tidal Blue for our cabinets. Yes, blue! Very bold. Very Nautical. We have a Nautical flare to our house…..wonder why?


yellow wall

So here we are with blue cabinets, and a very bright yellow kitchen, but something was still missing. How about cabinet hardware? My mom found some inexpensive ones on Amazon, and we had them here the next day! I needed 44 for all my cabinets and drawers! Yikes! After our trip to the zoo, my dad started installing them yesterday. He got all but 4 finished before our drill died. It looks spectacular! I am very happy with the results.



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