Goals…what Goals?

I have so many goals for myself. Unfortunately I get so busy with life itself (Oh and those four kids that keep following me) that I get distracted! Shocking, I know. One minute I’m cleaning up the kitchen (Look a shiny object!) and the next I’m upstairs rearranging the furniture! My mind goes 100 miles a minute some days! Well, this week it slowed down. Must have been the HEAT! It has been hot here in Chula Vista. Even though my mind slowed down, I still accomplished my weekly goals! No, not of a clean house….don’t be silly. My house is NEVER clean. I’m talking about my fitness goals. As you know I am training to be a Stroller Strides instructor, and I am studying for my AFAA Group Fitness Certification! My goals this week were to run Monday and Wednesday and attend Stroller Strides Tuesday and Thursday! Mission accomplished! I’m trying to get into a routine, around the kids, and in preparation for a Triathlon in October. Now I just need to add some pool time. This week’s goal is to get only bike trainer in the morning when I get up. I am hoping to “ride” until the kids wake up! My hubby has been doing insanity every night at 10pm. Yeah…I have not done that yet…I go to bed at 9! LOL

So my goals for NEXT week are to SWIM, get on my bike and of course RUN!
Do YOU set goals for the week? Month? Year?

How do you make yourself accountable?

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