Where Have You Been?

Have you been wondering if I disappeared? I know, I’ve been off the writing wagon for a while now. I could recap all my adventures tip now, but there really isn’t anything SUPER exciting! I got to see my hubby off from the beautiful island of Hawaii last month! I did experience a Duathlon a few weeks ago…I decided last minute to switch from a Triathlon to a Duathlon! I’m glad I did! It was super fun and something else to check off my bucket list! And I’ve gotten a lot of work done on my gardens and patio, which, if you know me is my #1 favorite thing to do! I now have Kale, lettuce, broccoli and celery…horray!

We’ve been busy in Girl Scouts. My daughter also takes Gymnastics. My son is in OT. Another kid is in soccer. I’m finishing up my Stroller Strides training so I can teach and training for a few up coming races…and the older two are in Chess Club at school. We are quite a busy bunch!

So, no I have not disappeared…still here!

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