2014…what a YEAR!

2014 has been quite a year! I know we still have a week or so to go, and I still have one more race, but wow. It’s been a heck of a year! First, there was running involved. 2013 was the year I started running. I ran my first 5K non-stop in 2013. Well, in 2014 I started the year with a half marathon! My first Half Marathon was in Carlsbad. The first race in the Triple Crown Series. I am happy to inform everyone that I was crowned. I finished all three half marathons in the series. In between all that I also ran the ACT for military families 5K for my run anniversary. And then I added the Spring Sprint because it always lands on my wedding anniversary weekend (and Cinco de Mayo) and that is how my love and I have decided to celebrate it since we moved to San Diego. Throw in the Mermaid 10K, Hot Chocolate 15K, and most recently the Hot Buttered Run, various 5K’s and my ultimate favorite race the Esprit de She. I also became a Certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor and a Certified Fit4Mom instructor and can be found subbing various classes around La Mesa and Chula Vista.

This year the Esprit de She added a Duathlon, and I felt compelled to switch from the Triathlon to the Duathlon….I’m glad I did! What a fun race! And guess what? I’m doing it again in 2015! And I am an Ambassador for the race! Why not? I mean, I’m not sure there is another race out there I enjoy more. All women. Pampering after. Mimosas. And comradery. Ultimate favorite.


More about the Esprit de She…if you sign up BEFORE December 31 you get a super cool performance jersey, play you will be entered to win some great prizes! Your race bib can be customized (which is really fun when random strangers yell your name as you run/bike by). The tank top they have every year fits so great. I run in mine all the time. And right now the registration fee for the sprint is $75! The swag you get is worth more than that. So get your registration in before the end of the year. (Use promo code EDS054.) 


I’m sure you are curious what 2015 will bring. Me too, haha. First and foremost, 2015 will bring my husband back to me. I’m looking forward to his return. I also have taken him up on another challenge. Remember the first challenge? A Triathlon? Yeah…this one is even BIGGER. A full Marathon. I am signing up for training with the  San Diego Track Club, thanks to my current weekend running buddy. I hope I can keep up. I am determined. And most importantly I have a sitter all set up. Don’t worry, I’m still going to compete in my Tris. Especially on my anniversary, and the Esprit de She. I’m adding some other fun in there as well…maybe the Dirt Devil Trail series…oh for the LOVE of running! My last half this year will be the Holiday Half December 28.

What a great way to ring in the New Year.

See you in 2015.



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