San Diego Holiday Half Recap

Over the weekend, I ran my last race of 2014. A half marathon that my husband ran last year. He had such great things to say about it that I decided last minute to sign up and see for myself! I was NOT disappointed.


I did not get as much training in as I had hoped. But I did train some. My longest run before the race was 9 miles. Not too bad. I had also been running with some fast friends. Spoken, I would run BEHIND them and catch them at a stop light or something. I like to run and normally don’t really care about speed.

Last year this race was cold. This year was the same. I saw frost on the grass! Um, yeah, I’m still in SoCal. SO I had plans to meet friends from Run Away Run Club to drive up. We met at a friend’s house for coffee and loaded into my car. Close to the start we picked up yet another friend. This is what makes races so much fun. A group of friends, at the butt crack of dawn, squished into a mini van to get to a race. Love it.


Of course there was some confusion about gear check. A little more about WHERE to actually start. But other than that we just hung out, took selfies and bathroom breaks. Typical. The race started a good 30 minutes behind schedule, but we did not care…we were ready to run. And run we did!!

We started out as a fairly large group and then spread out. I stayed with my new friend, Melanie, who was a good pace for me. We talked a bit. But mostly just picked each other up when the other started falling behind. It was great! We walked the water stations, stretched and then right back to running.

Even the awful silly mile 12. I wanted to stop. My hips hurt. But she kept telling me “almost there”. It’s true. We were at mile 12…that is no time to be quitting!


When we finally saw that finish line we crossed it together! No way we were leaving each other! I found a running buddy and friend for life! And I got a PR! Shaved 21 minutes off my best half marathon time! When I look back at our splits, all I can say is “wow”. We really rocked that race! It was fabulous.


A perfect ending to 2014!

Happy New Year!

One thought on “San Diego Holiday Half Recap

  1. Runny buddy and friend for life is true. Getting to run with you Ericka was amazing and I can’t wait to do another race with you.
    More to come and more races to rock out in 2015.
    Remember or halfway mark and the craving to donuts and beer? LOL
    The bananas and crackers were almost worth it but I may have run a little faster if I knew we were gonna get stretched out by the oh so hot and sexy Dr Steve. Haha! That was the best!!!


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