Desperately Seeking Organization

OK, so I’m not the most organized person in the world, and I have four small children who help with that. I consider my house chaotic organization. I have baskets for toys in each room (overflowing). The kids have a play room (also overflowing) and I have “places” where “stuff” belongs. It’s the “stuff” that kills me. You know, the piles of kids school work. My fitness paperwork and “stuff”, calendars so we know what we are doing every day and such. But my “places” get over run with other stuff. Pens, crayons or small things. I do not have enough high places to hide things out of reach of the smaller two, so it ends up being piled on kitchen counters or the coffee maker. It’s frustrating, but what can one do? I usually go through once a month and purge crap. Then the next month I wonder where it went. It’s vicious cycle. One thing I AM good at is my calendars. Of course with my race calendar, and daily calendar and kids activities calendar, well, I’m now buried in calendars. My goal is to transfer it all onto my phone and computer with little alarms that go off. Of course I think I need to hire myself an assistant to keep up with me and the children at this point. I wanted to stay busy. This is an understatement.

So before I hide in front of my calendar and input crap, I thought I’d explain where I’ll be hiding for the next month…since that is probably how long it’ll take me! haha

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