Marathon Training week #4

Wow. I cannot believe I am on week #4 of training for a marathon. 26.2 miles of glorious running. What have I done? Haha. I have to admit. Somedays I really question my sanity. I mean. I have 4 kids. 4 little kids ages 7, 5, 4 and 2. Yeah, only two are in school all day. They have activities that keep me running. Girl Scouts alone keeps me really busy. Then add ballet, tumbling, archery and oh, yeah, I run and attend Stroller Strides! I am about to become a board member of our school PTA. Oh, and that marathon thing….all with a deployed husband. Yeah. I’m THAT spouse/wife/mom. A couple at Costco told me I keep my cape well hidden. Haha. I really don’t feel like Super Mom. I feel like tired/frazzled/crazy mom that does not know which end it up. Like I said. I’m THAT mom.IMG_0867

So today was supposed to be week #4 training with a long run about an hour from my house. I unfortunately could not justify paying my sitter for an hour drive to run for an house and an hour drive home. So I stayed home and my BFF and I decided to explore some trails behind my house/neighborhood. And explore we did! We got our one hour of running and about 5 miles in the process! Win-Win! (Oh and Starbucks….we snuck off to Starbucks, too)IMG_0869


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