Mother/Son Father/Daughter Valentine’s Dance

While our weeks are usually very busy, this past Friday found us extremely busy! More than usual! I normally walk my older two to school every day. It’s 1/2 mile, but the weather is always so beautiful and parking so awful, so we walk. This Friday I had an appointment with the Principle to talk about starting an after school Run Club and see how my son has been behaving (long story). Anyway, he was running behind, and that put my appointment behind and started my day of scrambling. I was late dropping kid #3 at preschool, and late for work (I am a Fit4Mom Instructor) On top of it all my daughter forgot her library books, so I needed to drive home pick them up and drop them off at school, then scramble to kid #3 and get him at preschool, back to school for the older two, then Sibby had dance after school. We rushed home, got the older two boys ready for tumbling and archery and got them to their activities and then back home to get ready for the Mother/Son Father/Daughter dance, which I was taking the older two kids to as Mother/Father.

The dance was fun! It was held in the school’s auditorium and was for grades K-3. It was really fun to see the little girls and their dads and boys with their moms all dressed up dancing and having fun. It was really sweet. We had silly pictures taken in the photo booth, ate cupcakes and danced! At about 7:30, my two were done. They had danced all night and were tired. It was a great time! And I loved my “date” with my two oldest children.




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