When Sickness Strikes

It all started last Tuesday. Our weeks are pretty crazy with all our activities, but last week started a very hectic, stressful week. My son complained Monday of a tummy ache. He’s been acting out at school, so I ignored it and sent him. That night he was sick. I kept him home from school and he was ok the next day. He made it the rest of the week. Friday I hurt my back. It was so bad the chiro refused to touch me because I was having such bad spasms. No fun. Then it started. The next morning my 2 year old vomited all over the family room. That night,  I was vomited on in the middle of the night by my 4 year old. Then next morning my 7 year old was down. No fun at all. By Monday we all seemed to be in the clear. So Tuesday everyone went back to school. And it hit again. I got a call from the school my son had vomited at lunch. Horrified I rushed to the school. Poor kid. Mommy was in tears because it was starting again, and I had no support or help in the house. Luckily classmates parents stepped up and one took some of my Mount Everest pile of laundry and one brought us chicken noodle soup. The Principal and assistant principal offered help as well, and another runner friend picked my daughter up from school one day. So I am very thankful for my village while my husband is away.

Next week will be a better week. I ran 6.2 miles this morning and feel like a million bucks!

Run happy!

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