Week 13…say what??

Yeah, I am already at week 13 of marathon training! Holy. Cow. 8 more Sundays until my very first Marathon. 26.2 miles. My head is still spinning that I’m actually going through with this. Probably my biggest challenge ever. So, I decided to get really serious. I am now seeing a trainer for some weight and strength training on top of my running, and I plan to join some of my run club mommas in weekly cross training. Yes. I don’t just want to finish. I want to finish strong.

Flashback to my birthday. On the BIG day I ran a 10K! It was blast! As you can see from the picture!

mb 2027

Also, in other Big news, I have just become a Skirt Sports Ambassador!! More on that later.

In the meantime, I am going to work on my training and keeping my family healthy! We got a bad tummy bug in February that kept my kids home from school for 1.5 weeks. I was vomited on nightly. And did not get more than 10 hours sleep for each of those three weeks. I am so glad to be over it….I hope. Although I did have a vomiting child this morning. I really, really hate vomit. 😦

Tomorrow is a rest day. I am taking my kids, yes, all four solo, to the beach. Should be fun/interesting and mildly stressful.

For now, Run Happy!

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