Just a few more days…..

My husband comes home from his deployment in just a few more days. I have been reflecting on what I’ve been up to since his departure in October. Here is what I’ve come up with:

Survived all 4 kids’ birthdays


Survived Halloween,Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter


Tiled the Guest bathroom floor


Tiled the Master bathroom floor


Added tiles to the bathtub in the master bathroom


Painted the master bathroom


A couple other upgrades I cannot mention as they are surprises….I hope the hubby approves!

Survived the February puke fest….my kids were sick and puking the entire month.


Survived and am dealing with the damage my hot water heater did to my house

IMG_1567 IMG_1572

I ran a half marathon month since December and had at least ONE race a month


Survived turning 40 by myself

mb 2027IMG_1332

Consistently trained for my first FULL marathon, which is in a MONTH!


OK, so in MY mind it seems like a lot more. But once I have it down on paper, well, I have to wonder what I did!

Meh, at least the kids are all alive and the house is still standing….for now. 😛


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