20 miles, Mother’s Day and Two Week Countdown

This weekend I accomplish one of my biggest feats to date….I ran 20 miles. You read that right. 20 miles of pavement pounding. I’m new to this, so it sounds unbelievable. It was disappointing. I was so discouraged by the end of my run I wanted to cry. My legs hurt. My feet hurt. I just wanted it to be over. I wanted to go hime and take a nap. But if you know me at all you know pushed through, and probably never sat down until 9pm.

So today, on Mother’s Day, I’m reflecting on my run and what I have learned….all while enjoying a beer and bundt cake. I figure I earned both.

There may be ibuprofen in my future of runs. I took some on my 17 mile run and it really helped. I’m leery, tho. I’m not a big pill/pain killer popper.

I need to carry more fuel. I had two gels and some chews that melted in my pocket.

It’s a mental race. I need to stay positive and not get discouraged. But then, 4 hours of running can play games on your mind!

I PAID to run this. This is very important. It’s not a competition with anyone except myself. I paid to enter this race and I am going to finish it. It does not matter how long it takes as long as I accomplish my goal: to finish.

Well, now I need to move on to what to wear! LOL I have already picked out my favorite Skirt Sports High Five Skirt! I’m so in love with the pockets and all that I can stash in it and not look like I have a lot stashed! Now to find a top! I’ve tried out several and still cannot decide. I will be spending the next two weeks trying them all out again to be sure I don’t chafe, or it s not too big/small or that it does not annoy me! Built in bra or sports bra? There are so many options. I have a cool looking Ink N Burn picked out I may splurge on!

Of course I am going to be counting down the days and making sure I can fit in the last bit of my training before the big day! I’m getting nervous.

Lots to think about….Maybe I’ll do it while running this week!

I do get down time this week….a much anticipated The Piano Guys concert with my hubby!!

Happy Running!



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