My FIRST Marathon recap!

Over the weekend I ran my very first full marathon. You read that right. 26.2 miles. Looking back, that is a long way to run. I enjoyed every minute of it, even when my feet started to ache. The race was Mountains2Beach Marathon. The training was with San Diego Track Club. It all started while my husband was deployed. I ran for my sanity. I ran many races to keep myself busy. I also joked around with my husband that I’d be ready for a marathon when he returned. Well, I started turning that into a reality in January when a running friend of mine suggested I join the track club for training! So I did. And the rest is history!

It was a beautiful race. Starting in the mountains of Ojai, California. It was a chilly morning. We all huddled in the Post Office for a while to stay warm until wandering out onto the street to get acclimated. I had many friends running the race and the best part was the race was small enough that I spotted them all! We got pictures and well wishes and were on our way.

11009176_858477664222747_2129717204088602038_n IMG_2213

I fueled right. I used Honey Stinger Vanilla gels and Pro Bar Bolt Chews in between. I wore my Skirt Sports High Five skirt, which boasts five hidden pockets, perfect so I wasn’t weighted down by a belt. I wore my AliiLifestyle sleeves, which helped keep me warm without the bulk of a jacket, and my InkNBurn shirt, which was highly visible and got lots of comments along the way….I felt really good.


I’m not going to lie. Even though most of the race was flat or downhill, it was still tough. I lost a bit of my mojo at mile 17. I regained most of it and was running strong again until mile 25 and then just fizzled. My entire body started hurting. The last two miles were and out and back, so we passed the finish line and then had to come back. That was killer. I stopped and walked a few minutes. My feet hurt. Then I spotted the mile 26 sign. I was back in the race. I turned up my tunes and got into my zone….all the way to the finish! I never even heard the cheers from my family or friends! I finished. At 5 hours and 17 minutes, in Ventura beach, I finished my first marathon. My kids and hubby were there and my Run Away Run club girls and Moms Run This Town girls were there to cheer me on as well!

 IMG_2217 IMG_221511334261_10205537189882161_2206529969309546451_o

11200634_10206547959437168_5398021934491231342_n 11060901_10206414911829865_5750644699204094316_n 11265319_10206415803492156_243616444716005920_n

Until the next one!

One thought on “My FIRST Marathon recap!

  1. Congrats on your first marathon and a great race!!! I’m getting anxious for mine but it’s not until October. Great read, loved thhe pics. You rock!


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