Training? What training?

I have joined a bi-weekly challenge with #sweatpink  and @fitapproach to answer a few questions. This week’s question are about training. SO i’m going to share what I did to train for races…or lack of training. 🙂

1). How do you train, mentally and physically, for races — 5ks, 10ks, half & full marathons?

Most of the time I make up my own training plan. Especially for shorter races like 5K or 10K. I joined a training group (local track club) San Diego Track Club to train for my first marathon. (I also run mid week with a local group of ladies called #RunAways) Of course I decided it would be a good idea to train for a marathon right after my husband left for a deployment leaving me home alone with four small children and family thousand’s of miles away. I did it. I hired a sitter and was determined to get in as many of the training runs as possible. I finished my first marathon. It was painful, but I finished. And I’m getting ready to do it all again!

2). What has been your past experience with races? What did you learn to do (and not to do) from your first time and how has your latest race experience evolved since then?

My very first half marathon I ran because I won an entry to it. I was very under trained. I did not have the confidence I have now with running and most days felt like I should throw in the towel. I pushed through all that. I’ve learned to shrug off all those negative thoughts and push on. If I miss a training run, I need to just move on. Things happen. As for my next marathon, I plan to get in TWO 20+ mile runs. I only got in one for this last race and while I knew what was coming mentally, I was not prepared to go beyond the 20 miles. I floundered at mile 23/24.

1511654_10202118533417886_441990161_n (first half marathon January 2014)

11200634_10206547959437168_5398021934491231342_n (First marathon May 2015)

So there you have it. Lessons I have learned and ways to better myself for the next one! I need to be less concerned with speed as well. I worry about how fast I am instead of how much fun I’m having! 🙂

How about you? What have YOU learned from past experiences? I’d love to hear all about it!

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