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For the first week of Fall Break we decided to go to Disneyland. We’ve been in San Diego for three years now and figured it was time.  So we bought three day park hopper passes (thank you Military Salute) and used the free hotel nights my hubby had earned to stay at a hotel across from the park. We left Sunday afternoon. Crazy thought, I know! But the only traffic we hit was in La Costa. The rest was smooth sailing.

When we arrived, we were told about Downtown Disney. You know, the shops and restaurants and whatnot. We decided to stroll over for dinner. It was pretty late, but we got right in. Poor Liev fell asleep at the table. A sure sign we should head back to the hotel. My husband and older two watch the fireworks from our hotel while I got the littlest two settled in and to sleep. I had three more days to catch the fireworks, right? Ha.

The next morning we decided to get up early and hit the park when it opened. Disney was on the agenda. Off we went to stand in the giant line. Once inside it wasn’t so bad. We went to Tomorrowland first. We rode the rockets with all four kids and then hubby took the older three on the Star Wars ride. Mommy and Kiran had to sit this one out. In fact, Kiran had to sit many rides out. We decided against Space Mountain. But went on Nemo’s underwater Submarine, the Monorail, train and headed for our next destination. Vasili refused to go on It’s a Small World. So we skipped it and headed elsewhere. Around 2 the kids were all getting cranky, so we decided we’d head back to the hotel to cool off in the pool and return later.


Off to the pool we went. It was so very crowded and we left after about an hour, especially since there were kids jumping off the shallow end side and nearly missing my kids and some other little kids. Not cool. We went back to the room for snacks, played some arcade games and headed back out to Disney. This time we headed for Frontierland! I wanted to ride the Riverboat. But first we visited the shooting area. Where Kiran fell asleep. Vasili thought it was pretty cool, but hard to see in the dark. Off to the Riverboat. Just as we were about to board, Sibylla had to use the restroom….then so did Liev. The ONE ride I really wanted to do. So, reluctantly I took Liev, Sibylla and sleeping Kiran into the bathroom, missing the ride. Hubby and Vasili rode the Riverboat while we were gone. There is a happy ending to this, though, Sibylla and I rode the River boat Wednesday and Princess Tiana was on it with us! So that made up for it!



Tuesday was California Adventure Park. What a park! I absolutely loved it there! We hit up the swings, Golden Zephyr, Ferris Wheel, Cars Land, Little Mermaid….all kinds of stuff! We hardly stood in line (we didn’t at Disney either). I enjoyed California Adventure Park more. We even met Anna and Elsa, Lightning McQueen and Mator! Not sure who was more excited there! We spent the entire day in the Adventure Park plus most of the day Wednesday! Needless to say it was out favorite park! We only went to Disney Wednesday for Indiana Jones and the Riverboat, but ended up going on Splash Mountain and going to the Pirate Island, which turned out to be a really fun adventure with caves, bridges and treasure!


Overall it was a great trip! One I hope to do again! We had only one major meltdown, but we made it through it and it was the last night, so apparently everyone was pretty exhausted. Next time I want to see those fireworks.


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