Craft room makeover

Besides running and triathlons and all things fitness, I love to sew and craft. Recently we sold the queen bed that took up half of our guys room. The thought behind it was to build a murphy bed, but with hubby’s retirement from the Navy being 18 months away, and him not wanting to stay in California, well, it made no sense. (sorry visitors). We also have visitors every 6 months so it’s pointless to have a bed in there at all. Its a waste of space and becomes a collector of crap. SO here I am with an “empty” room at my disposal. Its not completely empty as I do have my sewing machines in there and am thinking about moving my desk for its cramped space in my bedroom down. For today I am organizing. I have torn everything out of the closet and stolen shelving from the garage and I am hoping to come up with something….so far its a mess. A mess that stretches from the downstairs guest room all the way to the laundry room. Since we got ride of the bed, there is now the bedding to contend with and store. Bedding is expensive and where ever we may end up we may need it. I think. I don’t know. I’m just not ready to give up the nice down comforter just yet.

SO today I am plugging away at it. I will update with pictures in the near future!

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