NO SPEND January

For those of you who are wondering what the heck I’m talking about when I say “I can’t spend money this month” or its “No spend January” I shall explain.

The last few weeks of December my van, that we owned free and clear, died. Reality check. We needed to buy a new van a year sooner than we planned. now what?

We have always had a budget. Heck living in California, you NEED a budget because, well, gas is more expensive, milk is more expensive and just plain breathing is more expensive. Basically you are paying for the great weather. So we budgeted when we moved here three years ago. Then we bought a house, and the budget got tighter. Well, now with a new car its tighter. So we decided we need to regain control. We have two separate accounts. One for monthly bills. Car, house, HOA, electric, and so on come out of one account. The other account is our spending money. The spending money leaves our hands very quickly. Not surprising with four small kids who eat ALL day and have needs like diapers, and new clothes and shoes and ballet…We decided that January we would not spend a dime on anything that A) was not already budgeted (i.e. a date night, Girl/Boy Scout stuff, etc) and B) that we didn’t “need” (i.e. new workout clothes, toys, random stuff). So far, half way through the month, we are on top. Good thing because we had an electrical problem that warranted a call to an electrician ($85). SO instead of blowing all our spending money we have saved some, and still have some to spend AND payday is tomorrow. Win-win. We have budgeted a few things for the second half of the month, and it’ll be tighter, but not as tight as in the past when we’d eat out or order pizza. Our grocery bill is still higher than we’d like. We started buying by the week instead of in bulk, which is really not working in our favor, so that is something we will improve on.

The best part is, during this No Spend month, I have managed to re-organize and re-make over my craft room using only what is available to me, and by not spending a dime on anything new! The big reveal is coming, as I’d like to slap some paint on the walls first, but so far so good!

And for the final BIG announcement…..I am a Legoland Insider Blogger!! Woot!! I am so excited to start this fun and exciting role!! More on that later….and only big craft room makeover!Legolander_logo_2016_FINAL-03


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