Let’s Talk Beef…

I grew up on a small grass fed beef farm in Maine. I miss it most days, except in the winter. I especially miss our beef. We’d have fat, juicy burgers or steaks. The flavor was to die for, and so tender! We rarely eat beef anymore. It all tastes the same to me, bland. We are a family of six, so the thought of shelling out a lot of money on grass fed beef makes my eye twitch.

Enter Jones Creek Beef. I was contacted by this company to try their beef and give my honest opinion. Good or bad. They sent me a gift card to Walmart. Walmart? Why, yes! They can be found in many Walmarts in the SoCal area. Good news for me. So off to Walmart I went to get some steak. While the Walmart I shopped at did NOT have a very good selection, I did purchase a couple Top Round, Ribeye and NY Strip steaks.




The packaging made it easy to find in the refrigerated section. And it was vacuum sealed, for freshness. Another added bonus. The marbling of the meat was lovely. Just enough fat to add flavor, yet not so much that you don’t get any meat at all, and the color was much more natural than the other meat in that section….I should have taken a comparison picture.

Home I went with my steaks with grand plans in my head of how to cook it. I kept it simple, because I did not want to cover the flavor. I told my family the flavor would be much different than what we are used to with steak. Boy, were they pleasantly surprised! It was full of flavor and not tough at all. Infant you could cut it with a butter knife.


I am very impressed with the flavor and quality of the steaks. I even froze one and ate it a week later, still just as good. I WILL be going back t buy more.

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